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We incorporate different therapeutic healing modalities into our client centered clinical approach. Those include Indigenous Focus Oriented therapy, Expressive art therapy, Solution/goal focus therapy, Group therapy and Traditional cultural ceremonial practices. Indigenous Focus Oriented Therapy (IFOT) also known as Indigenous psychotherapy is a body centered, client centered, land based, all my relations approach. IFOT effects change at the source of the issue and connects it to your life today. 

We specialize in complex trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, life/career coaching, substance misuse, healthy relationships, domestic violence, sexual abuse, residential school survivor’s emotional support and the intergenerational effects. We will look at healthy coping mechanisms and where they can work in your life.

We believe in Indigenous ways of healing through culture, ceremony, body centred, and land based approaches. Within an empowering and wholistic framework we are able to work in a culturally appropriate manner. By incorporating the medicine wheel, we are able to look at the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual quadrants of your life. Using wholistic practices through traditional medicines and ceremonies, we are healing from traumatic events; people are finding their voices and standing strong in their power. Offering counselling services to the Fraser Valley. All Welcome

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